Svorksjøen camping is a lovely place about 50 km south of Trondheim

We have over 100 pitches for permanent campers, but also plenty of room for short-term guests in caravans, campers or tents. We have one of middle Norway’s largest beaches, safe for children, and well facilitated for sun and joy all day long!

In our store we offer an assortment of groceries and bath toys, along with burgers, pizzas and hotdogs. Our favorite pizza is No. 2, and we recommend the «Kongen av Campingplassen»/ «Dronningen av Campingplassen» , which is the name of our two largest, and best hamburgers!

We are located in beautiful surroundings, with nature and the lake as your nearest neighbor. We have boats and canoes for rent, so you can explore the lake’s many fine islets and fishing spots. You can also buy a fishing license. In Svorksjøen there are large quantities of trout and char, both large and small. Each summer, a couple of fish up to 3-4kg are caught.

Please contact us if you require further information about our services, or to reserve a space!